V MAX Consultants Pvt Ltdis a “Business Consulting” organization led by a team of industry experts and professionals with over 30 years of experience across many industries, predominantly dealing in the space of supply chain. We provide consulting (TOC subordinated by Lean & TQM principles) to synchronize end-to-end supply chain in Manufacturing / Pharma/ Consumer goods/ Retail / Project / IT organizations to achieve the tangible business results without significant investments. Our solutions will help you identify and implement innovative methods to transform complexities into true competitive advantages.



Managing production is a nightmare-this thought is uppermost in the mind of every production manager around the globe. Traditional improvement efforts have their own limitations, and the need of the hour is to apply a radical approach to address this issue. We offer solutions on improving product flow through the manufacturing supply chain and assure consistent reliability of supply to customers.



Inbound and Outbound Supply Chain

Never run out of stock ever again!! Customer demand has to be satisfied, and this entails having sufficient stock at right time at right place . With our customised solution and unmatched experience, we help you address the unique needs of the customer, and we ensure that you have 95% stock availability throughout the year. We will also give you effective strategies to increase your sales by 20%.



Is your operating cost eating into your profits? We have solutions to effectively optimize the supply chain and ensure high availability with the right inventory at each supply chain node. Our approach will help you reduce your operating expenses & increase your profits by significantly increasing inventory turns while making sure that the “expired products” remaining in the supply chain are kept minimal.



CAPEX / Turnaround Project

More often than not, projects managers globally strive hard to complete project on time within the budget and scope but the reality is, seldom projects gets completed on time and escalation of project costs is inevitable. We will help in managing projects quite differently from the conventional approaches yet achieve the end objectives of on-time / ahead of time within budget project.


Our Approach

  • A Holistic assessment of Supply Chain to assess business growth
  • Performance measurement (using right measurements) aligned to organizational goals
  • Achieve very rapid initial improvement (leverage low hanging fruits) and institutionalize the process for continuous improvement
  • Results should be visible in 30-180 days, depending on nature of project
  • Use IT as a true enabler for business operations
  • Consulting by working in tandem (walk the talk) with client organizations, not just study reports
  • No significant capital investments required – none to start with
  • No major IT system pre-requisites
  • Outcome based engagements – Substantial part of our professional fee is tied to the benefit realized by client

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