Process Manufacturing Plants usually have an array of links through which material flow takes place. They may produce products in batches or continuously through the lines. Generally they are equipment intensive in nature. It is highly essential to maintain the upkeep of these equipments very rigorously in order to maximise the throughput of the business.

We follow “Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)” Solution for planning and execution of projects coupled with best practices for executing a large program to obtain the following results

What is unique about our approach?

We follow an approach that:

Our solution offering

We are capable of providing Project Management Consultancy services on any project of any magnitude (be it a a Capex Project or a Major Shutdown or Turnaround Project) and deploy well-experienced and specialized professionals

Our consultants have successfully managed the execution of several large Capex and Opex projects, applying the breakthrough “Critical Chain Project Management” (CCPM) methodology that have resulted in significantly improving the probability of on time performance compared to the baseline plan. The methodology is so unique and powerful that it would enhance the probability of successful project completion on-time or ahead of time significantly.