On one hand, there is a necessity to effectively plan in advance of real customer orders to order long lead time materials, incorporate sales and marketing data and plans, plan capital and staffing levels, and develop contingency plans for potential problems.

On the other hand

The world has seen a revolution in the distribution and logistics between consumers and suppliers. Distribution and logistics are no longer the constraint worldwide. Now it is well known across the supply chain what is sold and when it has moved. A logistics company can provide real-time updates as parts move around the world. Ultimately, however, at the heart of any supply chain is manufacturing and, in most supply chains, it is several different manufacturing sites and processes that must be effectively coordinated and synchronized to bring a finished item into the distribution pipeline.

The questions are:

How to increase the coordination and synchronization?

How to maximize the availability of products across the supply chain with very minimal level of inventory?

How do we bring in the required level of agility and excellence in the entire supply chain?

How do we establish a good priority system that is very effective and acceptable to entire supply chain?

We help retail / distribution business to achieve

  • High availability of goods with very sharp increase in inventory turns (more than double from current levels)
  • Higher sales (typically 20-40%)
  • Dramatic reduction in shortages
  • Drastic reduction in cross shipments and premium freights

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