Would On-time / early completion of the shutdown projects within the budget without any compromise on Scope, Quality and Safety reflect a significant business value?

What do we offer?

"Project Management Services" based on a breakthrough PM methodology

We help our clients to reduce the downtime for planned maintenance shutdowns, releasing Measurable Increases in Production Hours and Sales without any expensive software or technology implementation

Key challenges in a Major Shutdown Project

Plants shutdown the operations of facilities for a definite period of time and undertake major maintenance activities periodically. Each day of shutdown significantly affects the plant throughput. It is very important to carry out all the planned shutdown tasks without compromising on Quality and Safety. The following are some of the typical challenges associated with shutdown:

What new directions could we look at?

An approach that …

  • Primarily focuses on early completion of project
  • Provides adequate protection against uncertainties
  • Ensure safety and quality of execution for full scope and within budget
  • Does not warrant any additional investments
  • Creates a Win-Win situation for all stake-holders
  • Complements existing initiatives taken by the Management
  • Helps to keep focus on right tasks with right priorities
  • Drives the behaviour with simple & right measurements

Our solution offering

Institutionalization of Critical Chain Project Management Solution for planning and execution of Shutdown projects to obtain the following results:

  • Significant increase in the probability of on time / ahead of time completion of projects
  • Drastically increase the resource throughput by reducing the influence of Student syndrome, Parkinson's effect and Bad multi-tasking
  • Provides adequate protection against uncertainties
  • Ensure quality of execution for full scope and within budget
  • Simple and easy to use measures and dashboards for better project performance reporting and decision making
  • Ease of planning, monitoring and control of projects
  • Win-win solution for all stakeholders
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