What new directions could we look at

An approach that …

  • Effectively handles the impact of uncertainties
  • Effectively manages WIP in the shop-floor
  • Provides stability to the production plans
  • Cushions against variability in the shop-floor
  • Simplifies execution / priorities in the shop-floor
  • Drives the behaviour with simple & right measurements

Our solution offering:

  • Bringing Operational Excellence - Institutionalization of SDBR- Simplified Drum Buffer Rope Solution for planning and execution of Production environments
  • Supply Chain Transformation - Institutionalization of Pull-based Dynamic Replenishment solution for after market or distribution-centric business to maximise the availability of products across the supply chain while minimizing the inventory
  • Reduced time to market - Institutionalization of a breakthrough project management process (Critical Chain Project Management) to ensure drastic reduction in time to market for new products
  • Make IT as a perfect enabler for Business - Identify the best fit Enterprise IT Solution or make existing IT solution as a true differentiator

Typical Solution Benefits:

  • Significant increase in throughput (saleable output) of the plant
  • Effective control of WIP in the shop-floor
  • Improved overall material flow
  • Drastic reduction in overall inventory across the supply chain
  • Simple, yet powerful execution mechanism for setting priorities
  • Reduced manufacturing lead time
  • Increased on-time performance
  • Effective use of productive capacity leading to release of excess capacity
  • Can complement other improvement programs such as JIT, Lean, TPM, TQM and Six Sigma etc.
  • No investment needed – increased Cash realization in less than 6 months

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